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It's Time to Change our Approach to Corporate Governance.

Real World solutions. Proven methodology. The founders of Applied Corporate Governanceā„¢ have developed a different approach to enabling good, ethical and stakeholder-focussed governance. One that could have prevented the worst of the current financial meltdown caused by the unbridled lending of financial institutions. One that would have foreseen the collapse of Enron and WorldCom. One that goes beyond Codes and Regulation. It's time to take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously.

We are published authors, lecturers and above all practitioners with decades of strategic business experience and the insight to identify the key issues facing all organisations, from the small family business to the public company and from a local charity to a national government.

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First, let us ask a couple of questions, depending on your viewpoint:

Do you REALLY KNOW what your Stakeholders think?

Or specifically, do they know about and agree with your goals, strategy and operational tactics? Without this, you are likely to hit problems. With it, the wheels of success are oiled.

Do you UNDERSTAND how your employer, investee company, favourite charity or government operates?

Or more practically, how well do they communicate with you to help you understand and buy in to their plans? How easy is it to communicate with them about possible or actual problems or risks?

The chances are you will not be able to answer either question completely positively. This is despite more than 20 years of corporate governance reports, codes and regulation. Having been there since the beginning, we know that all these initiatives have done so far is urge or in some cases force a box-ticking exercise of theoretical principles and disclosure. Now, in most cases, we just have MORE information, not BETTER information with which to make decisions. And we have added more cost of doing business without preventing not only catastrophic failures but a virtual collapse of the global financial system. The resulting recession even affects countries outside that system, often the poorest in the world who don't have the financial resources (or, in many cases, the governance) to weather the storm.

Corporate Governance is here to stay, everyone agrees on that. Most even agree that it makes commercial sense to do - and be seen to do - the right thing, not just for shareholders but for employees, trading partners, the wider community and the environment. What is lacking is a coherent and practical means of implementation so everyone fully understands what goes on in an organisation.

If you are serious about making a real difference to your business or organisation while positively affecting all your stakeholders, keep reading and start acting...

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