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Applied Corporate Governance Update & Surveys
September 19, 2012

Welcome to Applied Corporate Governance Updates and Surveys September 2012

In this issue:

1.  The Corporate Governance ebook Course

Have you seen our recently launched Corporate Governance course? Delivered in convenient PDF ebook format over 6 days, it is the best way of learning how to implement good governance in your organisation.

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2.  CEO MOT: a Hubris Test for Executives

This week has seen talk of making top executives take a hubris test or CEO MOT as a way of identifying the single biggest - yet un-assessed - risk to any business, the arrogance of the CEO

Click for full blog post "CEO MOT: a Hubris Test for Executives"

3.  The Importance of Business Ethics - First Golden Rule of Corporate Governance

Our first Golden Rule of corporate governance is that the business morality or ethic must permeate an organisation from top to bottom and embrace all stakeholders

Click for full page "The Importance of Business Ethics - First Golden Rule of Corporate Governance"

4.  Effective Boards: Issues, Roles and Factors Affecting Board Performance

What makes effective boards? How big should the board be? These and other questions answered in our detailed look at managing board performance.

Click for full blog post "Effective Boards: Issues, Roles and Factors Affecting Board Performance"

5.  We Want Your Views!

Over the coming weeks we will be launching "Content 2.0" on the Applied Corporate Governance website, inviting you to contribute opinions, articles and comments on a range of governance and managment related issues. All material published will have full accreditation and you will be able to put a link back to your website or social network page. All we ask is that you only submit original content that is not published elsewhere on the internet or republished from someone else and that you have full rights to what you post.

We hope that this will become a major part of the site and look forward to encouraging debate both here and on our new social network pages. More announcements to come...

6. And Finally...LinkedIn and Facebook Pages Launched!

To increase our exposure and our message to businesses, governmental and non-governmental communities and the wider public, we have recently launched LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Through this initiative we hope to increase our level of interaction with you, our loyal subscribers, and the wider communities. Above all we want to listen, so please visit your site of preference (Google+ coming soon) and share your views on corporate governance, poverty and corruption reduction or any other related issues.

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The Applied Corporate Governance Team

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