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Applied Corporate Governance was founded to provide corporate governance training, advice and consultancy for organisations around the world and in both private and public sectors. This website was originally set up to reproduce and update our work in this field developed over nearly three decades. From this base we continue to expand the range of free content, including analysis and comment on current issues as well as more substantial articles with greater longevity addressing the challenges of designing and implementing corporate governance programmes.

We are primarily a father and son team, based in the UK and Spain, who share a commitment to improving standards of governance and a passionate belief that our approach has the potential to prevent massive corporate failure and improve the lives of millions through transforming transparency, accountability and responsibility of companies and countries alike. We believe our family connection and age difference, combined with a long history of working together, give us a unique set of strengths in helping people and organisations, from providing different perspectives to allowing for robust debate on the best course of action. We also have a wide network of friends, colleagues and contacts on all five continents to aid us in our pursuit of good corporate governance.

Here is a bit about us:

Nigel F H Kendall

Nigel Kendall

Nigel is a Chartered Accountant, who trained with Peat Marwick Mitchell (KPMG). He has a wide-ranging career history, including as a sales executive with IBM, Group Chief Accountant for a publicly-listed company (UK), finance director of a venture capital organisation, and 14 years with PA Consulting Group, finishing as a director of the Strategy Practice.

As a consultant, including more than 25 years as an independent, he regularly works with boards on corporate governance, good boardroom practice and strategy. His experience covers a wide range of organisations from the very large to small-medium sized companies, including BP Chemicals, Agip Coal, United Assurance, Wolf Olins and Co-operative Retail Services.

He has published various books on financial management and corporate governance, gaining the endorsement of Sir Adrian Cadbury, the father of modern corporate governance, for his work in this area.

Nigel is also Chairman of CommitteeWise, a Software as a Service business providing secure online collaboration software for boards and committees, providing a cost effective platform for improving board performance and best practice.

Arthur A H Kendall

Arthur has lived in France and Spain (where he currently resides). He has a broad international outlook, speaking 6 languages, and a passion for cross-cultural co-operation and development, both personal and organisational. This led him to set up Tangley International Ltd, of which Applied Corporate Governance is a trading name, which has been involved in training and development for over 20 years. He has recently launched new services in personal development and coaching, about which he writes on his personal blog, www.arthurkendall.com.

He played a major role in setting up a local newspaper, subsequently contributing regular features as deputy editor, and co-authored (with Nigel) Real-World Corporate Governance, a programme for profit-enhancing stewardship (FT Pitman, 1998). Around the same time, he worked with Nigel on consultancy projects, including corporate strategy studies, business appraisals and market research. The latter, most notably, included setting up and running a large scale Stakeholder Analysis programme conducted for a £1.5bn ($2.3bn) UK retailer.

Arthur also created imustard.com Ltd, an internet consultancy which provides the development resource for CommitteeWise (see above), as well as other proprietary software products. Through this company he has worked with customers and providers from around the world, which has fed his interest in the different cultures and models of governance in existence today. He has a passion for teaching, in a sometimes unconventional way which ensures students are well-equipped to implement their new knowledge themselves, as his motto states - "helping you help yourself".

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