Business Ethics Articles

This page is a selection of business ethics articles from our Applied Corporate Governance website and blog, including permanent features, like our first Golden Rule of corporate governance (the importance of business ethics), some timeless case studies and blog archives no longer visible on our main blog page.

Define Business Ethics

A suitable starting point is to provide a definition of business ethics.

The importance of Business Ethics 

Our first Golden Rule of corporate governance.

Business Ethics Examples to Assess Corporate Governance

A new hub page for our business ethics case studies, starting with a detailed look at Enron and the lessons to be learned.

Business Ethics Examples (August 2014)

We put together some examples of business ethics, both of poor ethical behaviour and of sound principles to follow.

The Corruption Index (March 2014)

One of our global business ethics articles, this one comments on the latest world Corruption Index (2013) from Transparency International.

Ethical Behaviour (March 2014)

What does ethical behaviour mean and how do legal and moral standards in business compare?

Bank Bonus vs The People (July 2013)

A balanced look at this contentious issue, where attracting high calibre people must be achieved through acceptable practices and avoiding excess.

50 Shades of Maybe (October 2013)

In one of our guest articles, independent consultant Barry Hammond looks at why some companies never get started in ethics (because they can never be "100% good") - and what can be done.

Africa Natural Resources (May 2013)

Having spent some time over the years on the African continent, we keenly follow developments there and here is a look at a key issue facing the region.

Bangladesh: at What Cost Our Cheap Clothes? (May 2013)

There is much talk in business ethics articles of corporate (ir)responsibility but does our demand for cheap clothing not contribute to disasters like Rana Plaza in 2013?

Business Ethics at KPMG (April 2013)

KPMG signed up to a Corporate Governance Code for Chartered Accountants -  how well did this protect it against the illegal actions of one of its partners?

Compliance vs Culture (September 2012)

Compliance with codes of conduct is next to useless if there is not a strong ethical culture in the organisation.

CEO MOT: a Hubris Test for Executives (September 2012)

Still a popular article on this website, this was a comment on the idea by a top insurance executive to make chief executives take some sort of hubris test.

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