Corporate Governance Training

ACG offers a range of corporate governance training, from our ebook course to personalised in situ courses from 1-5 days anywhere in the world and growing online training options. For simplicity we have grouped our training options into three areas:

The ACG Corporate Governance eBook Course

Corporate Governance Live Courses, Seminars & Webinars

Executive Leadership Training Programmes

The ACG eBook Manual

Our ebook course offers detailed but concise, easily digestible corporate governance training. It is a practical guide containing the essential principles of corporate governance and how to implement them. 

Delivered as ebooks over 6 days, the course explores our Five Golden Rules of Corporate Governance, as set out in the Implementation section of the website, and shows how to:

  • check your organisation against the golden rules
  • implement a corporate governance improvement programme
  • monitor your performance
  • communicate better with your stakeholders
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All at an affordable price, with our commitment to answer any questions you may have. 

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Corporate Governance Training Courses, Seminars & Webinars

With a rich bank of content and experience, we can run courses in a range of formats and lengths. This might be as part of a corporate governance training conference or symposium or as a standalone course from one to five days. 

All courses and seminars include a practical workshop part to ensure trainees get to put the principles into practice, either using your own organisation as a case study (thus providing real-world, practical value and experience) or a company scenario (fictional or real) prepared for you by us. This always gets tremendous feedback from participants and has lead to some genuine breakthroughs in understanding and even communication between different employee groups/divisions.

With prior briefing we can even personalise the course to your industry and particular requirements, ensuring your organisation and personnel get maximum benefit from the training. For example, we can focus on implementing systems at a company-wide or divisional level to ensure compliance with corporate governance codes and company policies using positive, two-way communications.

If distance and budget or simply logistics are an issue, we can also arrange online corporate governance training webinars using the latest technology to allow trainees to dial-in through telephone or the internet, with supporting slides and a Question & Answer session at the end. This is a popular option for those wishing to test the waters with an introductory session for key members of their team.

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Executive Leadership Training Programmes

learn and lead ball to represent our executive leadership training programmes - a good leader should be constantly learning

At the heart of our corporate governance training and consultancy is our passionate belief in the need for strong leadership to ensure an organisation delivers on its commitment to good governance at all levels. 

If you are looking to train future generations of ethical leaders or strengthen your own leadership skills, we can design a programme to suit your requirements.

A passion for leadership and ethical business lead ACG director, Arthur Kendall, to create his own leadership training programme, which he calls Conscious Leadership. Inspiring you to fulfil your potential in leadership and in life, the Conscious Leadership Programme includes the best, proven success principles and “secret” techniques to transform your leadership. 

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If you have any other corporate governance training requirements or ideas, do let us know and we will be very happy to discuss them with you, with no commitment to buy. The only commitment is our commitment towards your sustainable success which will grow our collective efforts to make this world a better place and boost the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.

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