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This page is a secondary blog page which will be updated regularly with leader blogs. (last update: 22 April 2014)

Having asked the question What is Conscious Leadership?, we are pleased to announce we are launching a new section for the website, dedicated to leadership. Every day last week we published a new article as part of the new Leadership Zone. This page will therefore become a permanent page for Leader Blogs - both our own and our pick of the best of the web.

The Leadership Zone will have this other new features, including:

  • Regular blogs and more in-depth articles (this page)
  • Permanent pages defining leadership, how to be a good leader, etc.
  • Leadership training programmes
  • "The Water Cooler": leadership quotes and jokes and Interactive discussion
  • Reader contributions and more guest blogs

As you will notice, the navigation bar in the middle column has been updated to reflect the new Leadership Zone, with its "homepage" dedicated to how to improve leadership skills. You will also notice more links to important pages as the site has grown considerably since we started with the original menu structure.

We hope you enjoy the new area and the new site structure and would very much welcome your feedback and comments through our contact form or on the various pages which invite your direct feedback on the articles.

Leader blogs

Monday 14 April: What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious leadership means leading from a higher state of awareness, allowing you to find new and effective solutions to challenges and provide the four things most demanded of a leader: Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope.

In this first article in our new Leader Blogs series, we cover the following areas:

1. Employee Engagement

2. Material benefits vs human fulfilment

3. The hierarchy of needs

4. Becoming a conscious leader

Tuesday 15 April: What is leadership?

The article What is Conscious Leadership? I published last week was really the first leaders blog in the series, pre-empting the new Leadership Zone. In this article, we widen the discussion:

A lot is talked about leadership but few people actually stop to ask: “what is leadership?”

Here I will give you my answer, and that of other famous leaders. But I actually believe the answer lies in all of us, so I invite you to go beyond simply reading other people’s opinions and think more deeply about why you are asking the question and what leadership means to you.

Read the full article here.

Wednesday 16 April: Leadership Defined...

Today's feature continues the theme exploring what leadership means, including the etymology of the word itself, to remind ourselves of the original meaning of the word.

We present our own leadership definition, linked to our corporate governance definition and best practice, and discuss other definitions, some of which we agree with profoundly, others we find too academic or technical to be of practical use.

Our feeling above all is that leadership cannot really be taught, but it can be learnt, as Harold Geneen, former president of ITT, concluded. This website and the training material we provide recognises that in the tools and techniques explained. So they are enablers, rather than just lists of facts, which we use only to draw attention to some important realities such as low employee engagement in the work force which requires a change in leadership style.

Read the full article here

Thursday 17 April: Leadership and Learning

In a speech to be given in Dallas in 1963, US President John F. Kennedy was to declare that “Leadership and Learning are Indispensable to each other”. Despite his assassination, the words of the US president, acknowledged to be one of history’s great leaders, live on to serve as a reminder of the need for leaders to be constantly evolving.

Today's Leader Blogs article looks to that speech for inspiration, examines the need for personal development in leadership and presents three ways to boost leadership and learning: observation, research and "formal" training/coaching.

Read the full article here

Friday 18 April: Leadership Quotes

The final page this week is our new Leadership Quotes section, where we share some of our favourite one liners from some inspirational leaders. We also invite you to share your favourite quotes and will be creating further interaction in the form of discussion forums in what we are calling "The Water Cooler" - the place for you to hang out and discuss leadership issues affecting you and the world around us.

It will also be the place for you to share other leader blogs you like or come across on the internet for the benefit of other visitors and ACG members.

Read the full article here

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