Strategic Management Articles

This page is a selection of strategic management articles from our Applied Corporate Governance website and blog, including permanent features, like our third Golden Rule of corporate governance (the importance of strategic management), some timeless case studies and blog archives no longer visible on our main blog page.

What is Strategic Management? 

The first of three permanent strategic management articles, complete with graphical process-flow model, summarising the principles and practice of strategic management.

The Importance of Strategic Management

Our third Golden Rule of Corporate Governance, supporting the premise that fundamentally, good governance means good management and therefore good strategic management.

Organisational Effectiveness

Our fourth Golden Rule states that in order to deliver the agreed strategy, an effective organisation is required, another fundamental part of strategic management.

AstraZeneca: Pfizer Bid (May 2014)

Looks particularly at the strategic and operational dangers inherent in the bid.

Co-operative Group and Corporate Governance (April 2014)

Starting with a brief history of the UK co-operative movement, this article provides an in-depth analysis of the fundamental, strategic problems at the Co-operative Group based on first-hand knowledge.

ThyssenKrupp Corporate Governance (Jan-Feb 2013)

Two articles highlighting strategic management issues breaking our Golden Rules and leading to the exit of long-standing Chairman Dr Gerhard Cromme.

Clear Goals Case Study (July 2012)

Strategic management in (in)action: the impossibility of creating and following a strategy when there is no clearly agreed goal.

Bad Strategy Leads to Bad Governance (May-December 2012)

What happens when the strategic management process is allowed to slip? Here we look at HP and Autonomy for an example.

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