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Getting our message out to people around the world

by AppliedCG

Our commitment to delivering quality content in plain English, driven by our passion for making a difference, is leading to greater visibility around the globe.

Our pages are now seen nearly thirty thousand times in a month and the search engines are increasingly recognising the value in the growing amount of free content available on this website.

Aside from our commitment and passion, we are supported by the best set of online business building tools we have ever come across, SiteSell. The unique approach, which trains you to focus on the reader, on providing unique content in your own voice leads to some extraordinary numbers, not just our own but across most sites which use it – last time we checked, 60% of SiteSell sites were in the top 3% of ALL websites!

With incredible support and a warm community, how could we not recommend them? We never usually endorse products, and only ever when we truly believe in them and have personal experience of them (our review of free online survey tools is an example, though a little out of date – we will be updating it soon!

SiteSell is an easy yet powerful tool which helps turn our inspiration into a voice which is heard and noticed, including by the likes of the Financial Times group. Right now they are having their best ever summer sale which gives us an extra reason to tell people about it.

Don’t take our word for it, if you want to know how we are building a successful website and how you can get your message out and build a business, NGO or even hobby site yourself, check out this video and their 13 steps to building a successful online business.

Here’s their offer:

“Get one full year of SBI! for $199 (regularly $299) or one full year of bizXpress for $99 (regularly $149).

Yes, that’s right. 33% off. Grab the deal while it lasts! Offer valid from July 1st to July 5th, 2014.”

See the full offer here

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