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The Applied Corporate Governance eManual

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Your Practical Corporate Governance Handbook: Answer the What, Why and How of Corporate Governance!

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Your Practical Corporate Governance Handbook

What are you looking for from a corporate governance course? If the answer is a practical guide containing the essential principles of corporate governance and how to implement them – at an affordable price – then this is the course for you.

Answer the What, Why and How of Corporate Governance!

At Applied Corporate Governance, we take a different approach to the subject, bringing it away from a specialist, predominantly accounting background into the mainstream of good management with a holistic view of the organisation and its stakeholders.

While based on sound, conventional management theory and practice, we lift it from an academic, desk-based environment, focussed on risk management, auditing and box-ticking, to a positive and practical exercise in enhancing every aspect of the organisation.

Our 6-instalment corporate governance course contains a wealth of information on the essential issues and implementation guidance in a series of ebooks in convenient PDF format.

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